VIBE Guaranteed Sale Program™

How It Works For Retailers

No-Risk Market Testing Guarantees You Will

Never Buy eLiquid You Can't Sell

Receive three VIBE-Qualified brands with three flavors each (a total of 90 bottles) and test them in your store risk free for up to 45 days. If the eLiquid sells, you’ll pay the wholesale cost. If it doesn’t sell we’ll take it back and even pay for the return shipping.

Once you’ve decided on those three, we’ll send you three more. The VIBE Guaranteed Sale Program provides great rotation of new brands and flavors for your customers to buy, increasing your cash flow and decreasing your risk.

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How It Works For Brand Owners

Save Thousands Of Dollars With

No-Risk Customer Acquisition

eLiquid brand owners can spend over $2,000 acquiring a new customer. You call hundreds of stores and send hundreds of samples, with no guarantee a shop will buy or reorder. It's a big challenge to get your high-quality eLiquids to stand out in a market saturated with low-quality competitors.

Our groundbreaking VIBE Guaranteed Sale Program is the solution for brand owners to rapidly acquire new wholesale accounts and bring your customer acquisition cost below $100.

First, send a small amount of your VIBE Qualified eLiquid to our VIBE Fulfillment Center. Then, we'll match your eLiquid with participating VIBE retailers across the country for a placement fee of $20 per store. Finally, we'll send the eLiquid to the new stores without any extra effort on your part.

If your eLiquid tests well in the shops, reorders will begin immediately. You've just acquired a new customer!

If your eLiquid does not test well, that's OK! We'll take it back, inspect it, and send it out again to other VIBE retailers for trials in their stores. This testing process repeats itself, continually acquiring new customers for your brand.

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