We saw the problems.

Facing immense uncertainty over the effects of FDA regulations and market saturation, the vape industry is already suffering from more work, more headaches and less profit.

Retailers see regulations narrowing profit margins and choking-off a ready supply of products. Many fear being penalized for rules they didn’t even know they were expected to follow.

Brand Owners and Manufacturers feel the direct consequences of market saturation, often fighting competitors on an uneven playing field. Many welcome some form of FDA regulations as the means to solving the saturation problem, but worry they might also fall victim to the cure.

We found​ a better way.

Instead of competing, the industry must collaborate as a cohesive unit. VIBE is building a community of vape retailers, brand owners, distributors and manufacturers who are positioning themselves to survive FDA regulations.

Professionally-minded retailers connect with compliance-minded suppliers who are serious about longevity. A portion of our revenue goes to fund advocacy while our members get group buying power, professional coaching, expert guidance and marketing assistance.

Suppliers also get access to a large retailer network, affordable pharma-quality co-packing facilities, expert assistance from compliance professionals. In a constantly changing and challenging environment, we're working to provide VIBE Members a greater chance of thriving.​

VIBE Was Formed to Help Vape Industry Businesses With:

  • VIBE Qualification

    VIBE’s product qualification standards for manufacturing, packaging, labeling, insuring and branding are in place to help you, and the industry as a whole, mature within a culture of compliance.

  • Group Buying Power

    Whether you are a solo player, a chain or a franchise, our buyer’s group will collectively have the power of hundreds of shops, affording you the lowest-tier pricing for hardware and eLiquid!

  • Education

    Through our relationship with VapeMentors, the largest vape consultancy and developer of online training programs, we bring the world’s top thought leaders to your business.

  • Legal Guidance

    The vape industry is a minefield of legal questions post deeming regulations. We can help you find the right legal counsel to guide you through the maze of regulations and restrictions to keep you out of trouble - and in business.

  • Relationships

    We have relationships with the leading advocacy groups in the United States and around the world including SFATA and R2B Smoke-Free Coalition. Our relationships provide a great resource for companies seeking the latest information that affects your vape business.

  • Marketing & Compliance

    Our innovative marketing and partnerships with technology experts will help drive your business to the next level while keeping you ahead of compliance issues.

Meet VIBES's Founders And Volunteer Advisory Board


The Founders Of VIBE include:


The VIBE Advisory Board is a volunteer group of professionals who share our passion for the industry