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Way We’ll Save The Industry

The Vape Industry Business Exchange is a membership-based industry trade association for vape retailers, eLiquid brands, distributors and manufacturers. Together we are building community of vape business professionals and strategic partners to empower and mature the industry.

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You Can Fail By Yourself But You Cannot Succeed Alone

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When you join VIBE, you are joining a growing community of high-performing vape business owners that are determined to innovate and adapt to the industry. Retailers will get exclusive pricing on hardware and eLiquid, and an innovative way to test new eLiquid in their stores. eLiquid brands will be able to acquire new retailer partnerships for a fraction of their current customer-acquisition costs. Utilizing VIBE’s group buying strategies, brand owners may also be able to bring more flavors to market and reduce PMTA expenses.

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Reduce Risk, Increase Profits

The VIBE Guaranteed Sale Program™

The VIBE Guaranteed Sale Program (GSP) gives retailers a risk-free way to continually test-market VIBE Qualified eLiquid brands in their stores. eLiquid brand owners get a faster, less costly way to gain new wholesale accounts with retailers.

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Get Lower Prices, Lower MOQ's

Exclusive Pricing From VIBE-Qualified Vendors

VIBE Members will get exclusive pricing on services like co-packing, business consulting, legal guidance and marketing services like graphic art, web development and SEO from some of the most respected firms serving this industry. On retail inventory, high volume stores will soon get greater discounts for buying through VIBE while smaller shops should see lower prices and lower MOQ's

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A Community of Professionals

Get Access To The Experts

VIBE works with legal and business experts that can assist you with complying with FDA and state law requirements.

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VIBE Flavor Exchange

Bring More Flavors To The Market

Because of the high cost of FDA regulation, brand owners face a future with a drastically reduced flavor menu. As a member of VIBE, you may have the opportunity to license your pre-August 8,2016 proprietary flavors to others in the group, and/or to access some of their flavors to round-out your own menu.

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VIBE Fosters A Collaborative Environment With Programs That Empower The Vape Industry To Organize, Evolve And Thrive.

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Meet VIBES's Founders And Volunteer Advisory Board


The Founders Of VIBE include:


The VIBE Advisory Board is a volunteer group of professionals who share our passion for the industry